Facts About Chihuahua

dogThe Chihuahua is a small dog with a compact, muscular body, the males practically in a square. Its main characteristics are around the head in “apple”, the stop well marked and large ears, broad at their base, triangular without being pointed at their end but slightly rounded.

The tail is attached high, flat-looking, strong at the base, arched to point towards the lumbar region, it should not be rolled up on the back.

The eyes are big, round, lively, expressive, dark, with no trace of white. (The lighter eyes are tolerated according to colors but not sought).


The Chihuahua puppies does not require special grooming, a monthly or bi-monthly bath will suffice depending on the activity of the dog and especially because it spends a lot of time in your arms and on your couches and beds.

The long hairs will be brushed once a week, the short hairs will be brushed during moulting to eliminate the undercoat.


The Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world, but its character is not the image of its size, it is a large dog in a small body. The chihuahua is dominant, he does not hesitate to jump on a dog much bigger than him.

He is very loyal and attached to his master and his family, a clown in his spare time, very often, he manages to crack his soft gaze the most recalcitrant of people.

He is wary of children without being aggressive.
The Chihuahua is a dog alert, cheerful and full of enthusiasm, he is at the height of happiness in your presence and in the good pet that respects himself, he asks a lot of hugs.

It is called barker but everything is about education.

He needs love and he will do everything possible to get your attention and he will understand very quickly what amuses you and melts you.


Chihuahua is small but healthy, robust and rarely sick. Sometimes a little chilly you can remedy by offering a small coat for harsh winters.

The fontanelle must be practically closed or closed. The risk of head trauma is proportional to the opening of the fontanel.

Main qualities:

The Chihuahua is a dog of equal mood, charming, affectionate, joyful, dynamic, comical, faithful, his small size allows him to accompany you in virtually all your movements, he is very intelligent and quickly understands what you expect from him, so it’s perfect for sports like rhythmic obedience and agility.

Main defects:

The defects of the chihuahua will be mainly due to the lack of education. You must not lose sight of the fact that it is a dominant dog despite its small size, and that it will quickly see where your weaknesses are and it will exploit them to take over you.

So, he can be capricious, barker, jealous, aggressive towards strangers and you and the wonderful little dog that everyone looked at tenderly will gradually turn into a tyrant that you dare not even lead with you in your home friends.

He is a bit stubborn and very greedy and his dominating character makes him tend to fight with his peers regardless of their size, hence the need to be vigilant.