Best Dog Breeds For Children

The dog’s nature depends on his education and the environment in which he was grown. With the proper education of a dog of any breed can be a great companion for children. Without a good early socialization, even in the best dogs can develop a variety of behavioral problems that make them unfit to keep in a family with children.

Generally speaking, most small breed dogs are the perfect companion for kids as these great dogs risk accidental injury.

However, there are some small breeds of dogs that are well suited for children because they are very playful and friendly.

Bichon Frize – despite its small size, it’s pretty strong dogs. However, it can still take some leadership for very young children to be careful you need to manage these dogs. Bichons good companions for older children.

Miniature Schnauzer – is the smallest species in the family Schnauzers. This beautiful dogs – companions. They are stronger than many other small breeds, very lively, curious, and reasonable in most situations.

Border Terriers – have a character a little quieter than many other terrier breeds, but they are quite energetic and smart to do well with children.

Pugs – it’s hard to find a merry mate more for kids than pugs. At the same time, they are stronger than other breeds of small dogs. Very smart and strong.

There may even be guards for small children, and they are always ready for new adventures and games.

There are many medium-sized species, which are ideal for children. Here are some of them.

Cocker Spaniel – a breed is popular for many years in the family (NB requires thorough daily grooming).

Miniature poodles – famous for its spirit and very easy to educate. Although these qualities are inherent to all three varieties of Rostov poodles. Toy poodle too delicate for games with small children.

Schnauzer – robust and very smart construction – a great companion for children. They are very energetic and not devoid of common sense.

Portuguese water dog – we hear very well with children. They have a very lively character. Very intelligent and quick-witted.

Most large breeds of dogs are well suited as companions for children. However, some of them require more care than others, so be sure to choose a breed that does not require much care, which you can do.

Labrador Retriever – just perfect for active play. If you teach them to puppyhood, they will be wonderful friends for the kids.

Poodles – the perfect companion for children. Very smart, like a lot of attention, energetic, so do not get tired of the fun with the kids.

Golden Retriever – have the reputation of excellent pets that get along well with longtime kids. These dogs have a balanced, very faithful and affectionate character, happy to play with children.

Giant Schnauzer – breed name is misleading because they are not gigantic dogs. They are only the most amiable of all kinds of schnauzers. Friend very solid and reliable for children.

Old English Sheepdog – good mood and a cheerful dog who will be happy
to play with the kids. This breed is very appreciated for its ingenuity.

If none of the species on the list do please you, then there are many breeds of dogs, which can become a great companion for children. General principles for breed selection are the same, no matter how large dog breed you prefer.

Regardless of the size of the breed, a dog for children should always be a strong constitution. Children, especially the youngest, still quite clumsy, so that dogs can cause injury without malice. Dog breeds with a strong skeletal accidental injury less likely than the fine frame dog.

Absolutely all breeds of dogs need training and monitoring of human rights. Despite the fact that all dogs are listed wonderful companions for children, this does not mean that adults can leave dogs with their children unattended. Absolutely all dogs must be trained to become excellent pets.

In addition, children, in turn, should also be trained in the correct handling of dogs and the skills to take care of them. Bring your dog and always watch the situation, then your kids will have a great opportunity to spend time with their canine friends.