How To Choose a Puppy

The American Kennel Club recognizes over 150 breeds with many different shapes and styles of mixed breeds. Once you have decided that you want to bring a dog into your life, the next phase would be to put other factors into consideration before picking the right dog for you.

In this post, we shall discuss some tips to choose the right puppy for you or your loved ones.


Some people prefer thorough breed while some do not mind having a mixed breed dog. Some dogs have qualities and characteristics linked to their breed and anyone looking for that specific characteristic would do well to adopt breeds that fit into their spectrum.


The preferred sex of a dog should be considered before adoption. We have seen cases where people adopt female dogs only to throw them away or neglect them when their dogs start having babies. This happens because they did not consider the fact that each sex has its pros and cons which should be considered before concluding on the sex of your dog.


the age is mostly dependent on the role you want the dog to play. Most times it is considered better to choose a younger dog if you decide to train it to perform certain tasks. Choosing an older dog for a specific role may not produce the desired result. On the other hand, an older dog already has a fixed character making it easy to cut out the training process necessary for socialization. You can pick a dog that already has the qualities you want.


Dogs vary in sizes therefore before choosing a dog, one should consider the expected size of the dog when it reaches adulthood.


The purpose of wanting a dog in your life should be carefully thought out and dog breeds most suitable for such purposes picked.

Space and Lifestyle

Before you go get a pet dog, you must consider the amount of space available for the pet to live in. Some dogs require plenty of space for rest and exercise. If your lifestyle doesn’t give you room to spend time with your dog, this will greatly impact on your decision in choosing the best dog to fit smoothly into your routine.


Some dog breeds require more maintenance than others which may cost their owners more time and money on health care and grooming. You should be able to decide if you can put in the effort needed for the care and handling of some certain dog breeds or if you would rather buy a low maintenance breed.

Dogs are loyal, intelligent and social animals. The presence of a well-trained pet dog in any home bring lots of laughter and entertainment. It all boils down to proper consideration before making a decision on the right dog for you!