Feeding Your Goldfish The Right Way.

There is a wide range of choice when it comes to feeding your goldfish
however, it’s important to be sure you feed them the appropriate type of food.

Fish flakes, while packed with nutrients, should not be the only food that you use.

goldfishThink of your goldfish’s diet as you do your own. When you eat the same diet, again and again, you get bored. This is the same situation with Goldfish.

They are simply easy to look after, but a good mixed diet helps to keep them healthy and varies their routine. As described earlier, fish flakes are good in the diet, but they sometimes float on top of the water, so when your goldfish
consumes the flakes, they can sometimes gulp in the air which can bring about constipation and swim bladder problems.

You have to buy food pellets that go directly to the bottom of the
tank. Again, these are nutritious, and most goldfish enjoy foraging around the gravel. Sometimes the gravel or any waste material laying on the bottom of your tank can be mistaken for the pellets which are not good.

There are available clips that have suction cups on them and these can
be placed around the sides of your aquarium. You can add a nice variety of
vegetables to the clips which can spruce up the diet of your fish. It’s a good idea to experiment with a range of green leafy veg to see what appeals to your goldfish.

Vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, and peas are a good starting point. Peas are particularly good for your fish and are almost like a wonder food. They can help with some health issues including constipation.

The main thing is to remember not to overfeed your fish. This can do
more harm than good.  An auto feeder like these ones will help tremendously.

One of the key problems that overfeeding can cause is swim bladder
problems. These can cause your goldfish to act in a very strange way!